9 tips to avoid spam

Have you ever received an e-mail is stored? Of course it is very annoying. You can imagine how stacked our email inbox by the messages that are not practically useful. Spammers are sending emails with the purpose to supply them to a product with a single send hundreds of emails sent. There are some tricks you can use to minimize spam gestures are:

1. using anti-spam software
2. do not buy or make transactions from the e-mail that was recognized
3. delete emails that do not recognize the
4. do not give a response (reply)
5. disable the preview mode in viewer e-mail program
6. If you write to a lot of people use the BCC facility
7. As far as possible to avoid the inclusion of email addresses on the internet
8. Having more than one email address as a backup
9. Only 9 primary email to people you trust


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