google online ad service to access the world games

Google recently released a beta version of the program's online ad, the AdSense op application is for the game.
adsense program for this game to focus on the placement of ads in a flash-based games. google breakthrough, this is not a big step, because Google had previously purchased ad company AdScape Media U.S. $ 23 million, a year ago.
In fact, one of the major players in the field of games this ad, PlayFish, a company that publishes a site for social gaming, social networking sites, has been using Google ads since April 2008.
PlayFish biggest game, "Who Has the Bigger Brain", has installed more than 6 million times on Facebook. PlayFish addition, Konami, large companies in the gaming world have signed a contract with the Google AdSense program. konami plan is likely to place ads on the titles of popular games like "Frogger" and "Dance Dance Revolution."
Google also has signed a contract agreement with the content provider many games, including konami PlayFish, Zynga, Demand Media and Mochi Media. The advertisers who use Google's ad service is Esurance, Sprint and Sony Pictures.


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